We have updated our website to include a Learning Center and a Resource Center! We hope these pages will help victims understand DV better and provide tools to keep safe. 

Take Action

Welcome to the website for the Denise Fransua Domestic Violence Foundation!

Please take a moment to explore our NEW Learning Center and Resource Center. Both are designed to help victims understand the dynamics of domestic violence as well as provide tools and resources to get help and stay safe.

Note: We are currently experiencing issues with viewing our site in Internet Explorer, for now, please use an alternate browser such as Chrome, Firefox, or Safari for the best viewing experience.


LGBT Survey

There is currently a survey that is researching how prevalent same-sex domestic violence is within our community.

If you are a member of the LGBT community in the Denver region, please take a few minutes to answer 7 quick questions. Your feedback is very important!




30 Day Training Program to Run 5K!

 Alright folks, we are officially 30 days away from our big 5k run/walk at Washington Park!

In case it crept up on you faster than you expected we found a great training program for you. This training schedule (see below) is a run/walk to continuous running program. Each week, you’ll make slight increases in your running distance while making small decreases in your walking distances. After four weeks, you’ll be able to run the 5K distance without walking break. Of course, if you want to take a walking break during your 5K, that’s OK, too!




 The Third Annual Denise Fransua 5K Run/Walk 

We have set the date and secured the permit for the third annual 5K Run/Walk.  Get the details on the link above.





Matthew Morris Fundraiser

Thank you to Matthew Morris Salon and Skincare for donating the proceeds for the annual charity blowout event to the Denise Fransua Domestic Violence Foundation!   Together we raised $1,600 for families affected by Domestic Violence!!!